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michie clean's cleaning checklist

Michie Clean proves the quality of the service provided following our Cleaning Checklist. In that way, we guarantee that your entire home will look spotless and impeccable after our Michie Clean team works in it. Do you want to make sure we will take care of everything? Just take a look at all the considerations we have for each space. If there’s something else you would like cleaned that we have not considered in the list below, don’t hesitate to contact our team for any special requests and we will be happy to help.

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  • Clean sheets, pillowcases and blankets.

  • Disinfection and fingerprints removed from tv controls and key rooms.

  • Dust in all necessary places: counters, windowsills, crevices, cornices, among others. Top, front and underneath surfaces. 

  • Picture frames dusted.

  • Mirrors dusted.

  • Trash emptied.

  • Dresser, side tables, lamps, benches and bed frames dusted.

  • Coat racks organized and evenly spaced.

  • Carpet vacuumed. 

  • Floor vacuumed, swept and mopped .

  • Clean and fresh smell overall.


  • Dishwasher unloaded.

  • The rest of the dishes will be washed by hand.

  • Dishes stored once they are dry.

  • Sinks, faucets and handles cleaned, scrubbed and disinfected.

  • Appliance exteriors cleaned.

  • Stove top cleaned.

  • Oven, microwave and refrigerator exterior and interior cleaned.

  • Countertops, backsplashes and wall/doors cleaned, wiped down and disinfected.

  • Trash emptied.

  • Dust in all necessary places: counters, windowsills, crevices, cornices, among others.

  • Top, front and underneath surfaces. 

  • Paper towel and trash bags replenished.


  • Disinfection of countertops, drawer pulls, doorknobs and towel racks.

  • Carpets and mats cleaned.

  • Sink and faucets cleaned.

  • Mirrors dusted.

  • Toilet cleaned inside and out with disinfectant.

  • Bathtub cleaned and scrubbed.

  • Toilet paper replenished.

  • Trash emptied.

  • Soap dish cleaned.

  • All floor areas swept and mopped.

living room

living room.png
  • Stools and/or chairs dusted.

  • All floor areas swept and mopped.

  • Dining table and breakfast bar cleaned. Top, front and underneath surfaces. 

  • Safe wood cleaner used.

  • Pendant lights cleaned.

  • Sofa lightly vacuumed, being careful not to soil.

  • Living room carpet vacuumed 

  • Upholstered furniture vacuumed

  • Cushions, blankets, serving tray and pillows rearranged, fluffed and straightened.

  • General cleaning.

  • Hallways and stairs vacuumed, swept and mopped.

  • Lamps dusted.

highlights of our service

Environmentally responsible cleaning solutions.

We guarantee your 100% satisfaction.

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Exceptional quality of cleaning service.

Regular inspections of our cleans.

All our team is trained, fully insured and bonded

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